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Consumers used to select a credit card based on interest rates and credit limits. These days, consumers are applying for credit cards for the add-on perks offered. Airline charges is one area currently being targeted by many credit card companies.

American Express is one example of a company using reduced airline fees as an attractor. Card holders can apply for rewards covering baggage fees, change fees, pet fees, and in some cases, on-board snacks. Other credit cards can help with access to the airport lounges or provide elite boarding options.

Finding the Credit Card that Fits

There are several online sites that help consumers research credit card perks. CreditCardGuide.com and CreditCards.com are two sites that provide comparison charts for major credit cards. Both sites list the cards that offer air miles and frequent flyer credit cards as well as those cards that give cash back rewards.

Not every consumer will want the airline perks, instead preferring the cash back and other types of rewards. The Chase Freedom Visa card is one of the cards that offers cash back for purchases: some offer $100 back with $500 in purchases. Other cards offer points accumulations that card holders can redeem for items online such as flat-screen televisions and other electronics.

These are just a few examples of the cards and perks listed at the comparison sites. It’s worth the time to compare the major credit cards before applying. The research can help match the card to the consumer’s lifestyle and needs.

Low Interest Rates Still Matter

Interest rates still do matter when shopping for credit cards. If the card’s interest rate is higher than others, getting the airline perks may not be worth it. Also look at payoff options. Some credit cards require larger monthly payments than others. And, look at the late fees assessed for those payments that get posted late.

The consumer still lives and works using credit cards for all types of purchases including airfare. Why not use a credit card that might earn enough rewards to pay for some of those add-on airline fees? Banks, credit unions, and many other types of lenders are competing hot and heavy for card holders, making it a good time to make the most of using a credit card. Bottom line, do the research to reap the benefits of using a credit card and it may help get that 52 pound bag loaded onto the next flight for free.